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A Homeowner's Guide to December DIY Decor

Chris Laskowski12/1/2016  |  Categories: Other
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Looking to transform your home into a winter wonderland? Keep things merry and bright with some DIY decor. In an age that celebrates the ‘do it yourself’ craze, a number of ideas for sprucing up your living space are swirling around the web. At Lake Carolina, our residents are decking their halls this holiday season -- and we’re providing you a bit of inspiration:

Transform old sweaters into cozy displays

Buzzfeed is chalked full of seasonal DIY projects, but reusing old sweaters to up your interior design game is a new favorite for many home decor aficionados. These winter fabrics can easily wrap around vases or candle jars to give your rooms an extra-cozy atmosphere. Style Motivation even suggests creating pillow covers!

Build a flower pot snowman

MostCraft shows an artsy example of reusing terra cotta to make your own (unmeltable) Frosty! This adorable display can sit perfectly on your front porch, ready to greet family and friends who visit during this special time of year.

Express season’s greetings through festive word art
HGTV guides brave homeowners through the process of creating a crafty sign to hang outside your home. Choose a word like “Cheer” or “Joy” and use wire and greenery to make a decorative display. This unique project is sure to make your home the talk of the town.

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Photo Credit: home depot and mostcraft

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Get Ready For Summer With These Home Decor DIY’s

Chris Laskowski5/10/2016  |  Categories: Other
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You’ve likely heard of this year’s biggest decorating fad: Do It Yourself (DIY). Not only are DIY projects kinder to your wallet, but they allow you to personalize your home’s look and make decorating your living space fun! This summer, transform your home’s interior and exterior with these super stylish, customizable DIY projects:

Embrace the mason jar phenomena: While you might be tired of the DIY community’s obsession with clear, glass jam jars, their popularity isn’t without good reason! These cheap, easy-to-decorate canisters are the perfect way to spruce up a room. Craft these prism light jars and illuminate your kitchen, living room or outdoor patio; or give your house a beach-y, summer feel with homemade seashell-clad candle holders.

Craft with the kids: With the little ones nearing the end of the school year, you may be feeling at a loss for fun, summer activities. Get their creativity flowing with the creation of these adorable, decorative paper kites, perfect for hanging on their bedroom door or walls. You can also let their personalities shine through to the front porch with these painted, garden pot wind chimes!

Greet guests with a summer wreath: Welcome visitors with one of these 15 “sun-sational” summer wreaths. With simple materials ranging from burlap fabric to paper cups, this art can be quick-and-easy or expert-crafter-status. Celebrate the warmer weather by decorating your door! You can also check out the kid’s version.

Personalize your porch: Craft to your heart’s content with these vintage, decorative hanging planters. Choose from one of Woo Home’s 28 different styles and find which best fits your taste. These exquisite planters are sure to take your gardening to the next level! In addition, brighten up your backyard with this radiant string light design, featured on The Home Depot Blog. Set up two tall, rustic pieces of wood on either side of a wooden picnic table, and string across pretty bulbs. This simple DIY will kick your summer nights up a notch!

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