Columbia moves to the rhythm of Miriam Barbosa

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Her figure glides over the darkness of the stage, almost dissipating into nothingness, then springs back into a series of fluid steps that draw observers in almost a hypnotic state. Her name is Miriam Barbosa and she is Columbia’s prestigious shining star. Her strength, passion and experience in dance shines throughout her performances and she brings both pride and culture to Columbia through her graceful performance. Citizens of Lake Carolina, the premier custom home builder in Columbia, SC, have the delight of reveling in a city which moves to the spirit she captures in her dance. The direction in which she has taken the former South Carolina Contemporary Dance Company, now known as “Miriam Barbosa Dance”, is both exciting and unique.576569_10150783564171049_751805891_n.jpg

Her dedication to the art of dance has led her through many dance halls and her portfolio is almost as vast as it is impressive. Barbosa, a former member of the Martha Graham Dance Company and Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of South Carolina, holds an MFA from the University Of Fine Arts Of Sao Paulo/Brazil. Her profession has taken her all around the world, but she seems to have made her home in Columbia, South Carolina. What she has brought to Columbia is a little bit of the world she so beautifully captures in her dance. She also brings something a little more unique to Columbia, she brings Gyrotonic®.images.jpg

Gyrotonic® is a holistic approach to exercise, physical therapy and overall health that helps increase flexibility, strength and overall well being through circular motion exercises using machines specially designed for the activity. At first glance, one might mistake a class for professional dancers practicing in preparation of a new routine. Ms. Barbosa happens to be a Gyrotonic® Master Trainer, bringing the therapeutic exercise to residents of Columbia.

images (1).jpg

Ms. Barbosa has regular classes and puts on many productions with the very talented dance company she has assembled. Performances such as “Catharsis” are a sheer delight for audiences, and for fans of contemporary dance in general. What some may not know is that some of her inspiration comes from South Carolina; however given the states beauty and history, how can anyone not be inspired. Miriam Barbosa through the power and creativity of her dance has truly made Columbia the center of dance for the South East. For more information please visit or you can also view one of her videos.

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The Red Shirts Are Coming!

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The Fighting Gamecocks are gearing up for another football season and as the brave warriors of the field are preparing, we are watching by the sidelines in anticipation for what should be a spectacular season. After USA Today’s National Defensive Player of the year, Jadeveon Clowney who was the number 1 draft pick for the NFL was drafted by the Texans, Gamecock fans are waiting to see who the up and coming champions will be after ranking #9 on a recent U.S. poll.

High up on the list is running back Mike Davis, as the Walter Camp Foundation has named him one of the “50 players to watch” this season for their player of the year award. Standing at 5’9, 223 lbs., the Atlanta native rushed 203 times for 1,183 yards in a season, landing him in the number 4 spot in the school’s history ( Another future champion to look for is 6’2, 195 lb. safety, Chaz Elder. Elder pulled off a great season in 2013, starting in 6 games and delivering every time. In 2012 he was ranked the nation’s 19th safety position, so given the experience over the past year, he is projected to have a stellar season (

Coach Spurrier is still at the helm and going on to his 10th year leading the Gamecocks. Spurrier is a strong believer in paying careful attention to his players, making sure that they graduate and stay out of trouble. He and his team of recruiters have worked hard at finding strong members to keep Columbia’s Gamecock’s reputation high. Although many of the strongest players have been professionally drafted after last year’s amazing performance, Coach Spurrier believes that their new picks are ready to take charge. After winning the 2014 Capital One Bowl 34-24 against the Wisconsin Badgers and finishing with a 11-2, 6-2 sec record, fans are expecting big things from the Gamecocks.

With so many Gamecock players being prime candidates as NFL picks, one may ask what is in store for the University of South Carolina. Some of the nationally top rated players are opting to go to school in Columbia, this means big bucks for the University as well as stronger funding for several departments. So Columbians are sure to go out this season and support both their University and the state’s football heroes.

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Columbia is soaring high; how the aviation field is changing the dynamic

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Columbia is soaring high; how the aviation field is changing the dynamic

There was a time in American history where the glitz and glamour associated with the aviation industry gripped the nation and captivated the imaginations of millions. That charm and appeal may re-surge soon enough and all signs point to South Carolina. The aviation field has taken on a whole new dynamic in South Carolina and it would not be a far cry to expect the next Howard Hughes to arise from its beautiful and prestigious capital of Columbia. With the support of the automotive industry, billions of dollars have been invested through aerospace and defense contracts. What this translates into for South Carolina is an economic boom, a higher concentration on an already powerful aerospace engineering program at the University of Columbia, as well as an additional increase of 23,000 jobs to the state since 2009 .

With heavy hitters like Boeing choosing to make South Carolina their home for final assembly and delivery since 2009, the state has done well to maintain a healthy relationship through business friendly attitudes and ability to produce large amounts of engineers. The state has done so well in fact, that it is now home to over 200 aerospace and defense companies. Aerospace sales are projected to reach over $200 billion dollars towards the turn of the decade and that means money reinvested in the rich communities that make up South Carolina.

The aerospace community is so entrenched in South Carolina that the University of Columbia expanded its Master’s program in aerospace engineering and technologies to better keep up with the high demand of the needed workforce. It should be noted that USC is the only university in South Carolina that offers an integrated curriculum as well as an advance degree in the field of aerospace engineering. With the overwhelming amount of jobs within the aerospace field being made available, graduates as well as students are almost guaranteed a job that earns them 50% more than the average American wage

With the influx of high paying jobs within the engineering and IT fields that are being made available, it will be very interesting to watch the social structure of South Carolina change. It is foreseeable in the future that many younger, more affluent individuals will make their way to South Carolina to make a home for themselves. That means that the state is quite naturally setting up itself for success in the coming years. When it comes to the aerospace industry, it would appear that South Carolina has taken its level of prosperity to new heights through corporate friendly environments and business savvy initiatives.

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“Sauce of the South; S.C. is the New Home of Barbecue”

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“Sauce of the South; S.C. is the New Home of Barbecue”

In the Caribbean they barbecued to preserve the meat, early American pioneers placed a pig over a pit, anyway you cut it barbecue is one of the oldest traditions. That tradition still thrives but with one new realization; it’s all about the sauce and South Carolina has plenty of it. The world of competitive barbecue has transformed the prestigious time honored tradition into an art form which would impress even the most discriminating aficionado. Barbecue is no longer just a way of cooking meat, but is now a fun and popular spectator event for families to enjoy. South Carolina has taken the lead in this quality culinary art due to their unique sauces and blends which have become so popular that South Carolina’s dept. of tourism has built entire adventures around them (

Few things are more romantic than South Carolina’s unique golden blend of sweet, tart barbecue sauce sinking deep in pulled pork. The thick golden liquid has more than a unique color and flavor to go along with it, it’s got history and an origin leading back to Germany. The South Carolina Barbecue Association even provides information on the history and origins ( Rather than the ketchup based barbecue sauces that most are accustomed to, this quality sauce will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

So what exactly is this golden liquid that South Carolinians so lovingly glaze onto grilled pork? The answer to that question rests in the hands of the ancestors of the German immigrants that moved to the area in the 1700’s. These grill masters seem to make one thing clear, in South Carolina the word “Barbecue” means “Pork”. The sauce recipe which is hundreds of years old, is arguably the oldest sauce in the nation. Although the debate between whether it is best to lather on the deliciously tangy liquid while grilling or after, one thing has made itself abundantly clear; the popularity of both the vinegar and pepper style mustard sauces is only increasing. The only thing that is sweeter than South Carolina Barbecue is the company it inspires. Just ask the residents of Lake Carolina, even better, attend one of their many events held throughout the year and try the golden pride of the south for yourself.

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