Perks of Parks: Summertime hangouts in and around Lake Carolina

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The beauty of Columbia and surrounding areas isn’t a secret! The endless options of outdoor activities, places for fun and nature getaways make Lake Carolina such a convenient place to live. With day after day of summertime weather upon us, get to know these hot spots for lounging, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors in and around Lake Carolina!

Riverfront Park: One-hundred and forty acres is a lot of space for a park, but Riverfront has a lot to offer! It is situated on the site of the world's first electrically operated textile mill. A small amphitheater at Riverfront can host small concerts and gatherings. Their jogging and biking trails are perfect for a quick ride or catching up with friends.

Finlay Park: Two playground areas, baseball and soccer fields, swing sets, a snack bar and a man-made lake are just some of things you will find at Finlay. Additional paths make it easy to go for a walk or jog. Finlay not only has one of the most photographed views of downtown Columbia, but it is one of the largest handicapped accessible parks in the United States.

Owens Field Park: If your children that love wheels, Owens Field Park is for them. It is a 15,000 square-foot park that is open to skateboarders, in-line skaters and bicyclists. The park also hosts disc golf, soccer, t-ball, rugby and football leagues.

Memorial Park: A four-acre area of land, Memorial Park was created to serve as a memorial for those who have served their country. It displays the South Carolina Vietnam Monument, which is the second largest Vietnam monument outside of Washington D.C. It stands to remember the 980 South Carolinians that were lost in the Vietnam War. Aside from this park’s rich history, it has a green, open area with lots of wildlife to observe.

Granby Park: Can’t stand the heat? Granby Park’s shaded paths are a great place to cool off. Pets are welcome at Granby, with bridges, walking, jogging and biking paths and is wheelchair and baby stroller-accessible. Some of the trail and bridge area is lit for nighttime walks.

Imagine living somewhere where there is always something new to explore and fun facts to be uncovered. Looking for master planned communities in Columbia, South Carolina? Lake Carolina is a premier, active community with homes for sale in Columbia, SC.

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Swim, bike and run your way to the finish line at Tri the Midlands

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Looking to get put those athletic skills to the test? We have just the thing for you! The Tri the Midlands sprint triathlon returns to Lake Carolina on Saturday, June 20th, 2015. Athletes can suit up and hit the finish line for an 8am race start. The event includes a 500m swim, a 14 mile bike and a 5km run. The lake swim is a triangular course, beginner-friendly and is a deep-water start.

Rural, rolling hills account for most of the 14-mile bike ride that begins and ends at the entrance of Lake Carolina. The event finishes with a 5km run through the scenic trails of Lake Carolina and ends on the Village Green.

The finish line area includes open space for spectators, family and friends to watch and cheer on participants. From the Village Green, spectators can see parts of both the biking and running portions of the race. Those of ages 10 years and older are welcome to register and participate in the event. The Hampton Inn in Northeast Columbia is the host hotel for Tri the Midlands 2015. This event is part of the South Carolina Triathlon Series and is a USA Triathlon sanctioned triathlon.

There a variety of registration categories for the race, as well as early registration and easy online access to all the event details. For more information, visit the Set Up Events page for Tri the Midlands. Imagine living somewhere where there is always an event to get involved in. Looking for master planned communities in Columbia, South Carolina? Lake Carolina is a premier, active community with homes for sale in Columbia, SC.

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Lake Carolina Introduces Lifestyle Associates to Community

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Lake Carolina, a master-planned community in Columbia, South Carolina, is the only one of it’s kind in the area. But at first glance, you might not be able to see what makes this community so different from the rest. Because of this, Lake Carolina has recently added Lifestyle Associates to their team. This position bridges the gap for prospective homeowners or renters that are looking for more information on the community, before they begin looking at specific neighborhoods and properties.

Kelsi Rowland and Emily Royer are the newest Lifestyle Associates, and their job is to provide education about the many amenities that Lake Carolina has to offer. Because Lake Carolina has so much, they find that they are a information source for residents who have already been living in the area. They are the first faces you see when you arrive to Lake Carolina and are there to provide insight and tours of the community.

Recently brought on to the team, Emily Royer loves getting people excited about Lake Carolina. “Lake Carolina is a really close knit community where you know your neighbors, your neighbors know you and it is the epitome of what a Southern town should be like,” said Royer.

When Lake Carolina realized that many of their prospects were getting most of their information from online sources, they wanted to offer alternative, more meaningful ways to make connections. The Lifestyle Associates specialize in all of the reasons that separate living in Lake Carolina from the rest.
“It’s about getting prospects to fall in love with Lake Carolina and those that live here to fall in love with Lake Carolina all over again, and to see the reasons they didn’t even know existed that make it so easy to love Lake Carolina,” said Royer.

With different prospects looking for different things, the associates enjoy being able to cater their tour to their interests. Overall, though, everyone continuously seems to be wowed by the Town Center in Lake Carolina. It is also helpful to see a Lifestyle Associate first, as they are able to direct someone to a Realtor that will best fit their needs and help them find the home of their dreams.

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DIY Mother’s Day Fun: Keep it Simple, Make it Special

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If you haven’t made reservations yet, you might want to think again about heading out to a restaurant on Mother’s Day. So why risk it? Bring brunch and fun activities to your mom, at home! There are tons of ways to let mom relax, enjoy herself and feel special -- and it’s all DIY! Check out these ideas for this Sunday that will let you be creative, have fun and remind mom how much she means to you.

Bagel Bar: Who doesn’t love a good bagel? Get a variety of bagels for you and your family with an assortment of cream cheese flavors. This way, everyone can pick their favorite or have a little bit of each!

Pancake Skewers: Tiny pancakes, about the size of a golf ball, look extra yummy on a skewer with fruit. Pull out your favorite fluffy pancake recipe, make them fun-sized, and even add some hazelnut or peanut butter spread to the tops of them. Place them onto wooden skewers or leave out all of the ingredients for each family member to put together their own!

At-Home Spa: Pick up a luxurious bubble bath, a soft loofah, a candle and some bath salts. Turn your own bathroom into a relaxing spa for mom, with flowers and even a glass of wine. Give mom a few hours to unwind in a hot bath, rejuvenate with a face mask and let all of her responsibilities leave her mind.

Get Outdoors: Bring your brunch, lunch, or dinner outside and have a picnic! Bringing a kickball or a frisbee with you to get the family up and moving. Nature trails, bike riding or playing a board game on the patio are all simple things, but big memory makers.

Snap Photos: Grab a few disposable (yes, disposable!) cameras from the store and snap pictures all throughout the day. Make sure you get them developed ASAP so you can hold onto the memories and look back at the fun-filled day you had. Think about getting one for each family member so that you can see the day for everyone’s unique perspective.

No matter what you do on Mother’s Day, as long as it’s thoughtful, it will be more than enough for any mom. Lake Carolina is a great place to have fun, get creative, get outside and celebrate on Mother’s Day and any holiday! And if you are thinking about relocating, think Lake Carolina. If you are looking for new homes for sale in Columbia, SC, be sure to explore all of the custom home styles and amenities of Lake Carolina.

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