Spread Awareness With the Walk a Mile In Their Shoes Event

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The 6th annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes event will take place on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Hosted by Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands (STSM), this event is a way to stand up against sexual assault and abuse in a different way. Participants walk a mile in a pair of heels to show their support either individually or on a team. Men, women and children of all ages are invited to participate and registration is only $5.

Because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, The Walk a Mile event is a way to get those from all across the Midlands thinking about sexual violence and how it impacts their community. The event raises awareness about the free, local services that STSM offers for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. They hope to raise over $75,000 this year, all of which goes to the STSM centers and services that help victims. STSM centers also help educate the community, local schools and businesses about the issue of sexual violence.

The event takes place from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in front of the South Carolina State House. For help finding a pair of heels that fit for this event, click here. The event includes a pre- and post-party event for all participants. While it isn’t easy or comfortable for everyone, walking the mile in heels helps participants remember how crucial it is for women to have male allies in the fight against sexual assault.

For more information on the event, how to register and more specific details, visit the STSM events page.

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Organization 101: Hidden Storage Places You Could Be Using

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If you’re feeling limited on space and having getting rid of some timeless treasures, don’t fret! There are always way to think like a designer and reorganize some main areas of your home. These simple storage places are all over your house, you just haven’t realized it yet!

Above Cabinets: Odds are, there is a space between most of the cabinetry in your house and the ceiling. Whether this is in your kitchen or bathrooms, this is a great space for extra storage. Dishes you want to display, cookbooks, wine and storage baskets are all things that fit well in this area up above your cabinets. Don’t let it go to waste!

Below Shelves: Book shelves, mounted shelves and this, that or the other shelves are all great organizing tools. But what about the space below it? Undershelf baskets, hooks and jars are all easy ways to expand your storage space right below your shelving units.

Inside Doors: This is a great place for hooks. Hang measuring cups, cleaning supplies, towels or beauty supplies on the inside of cabinet doors or the door to bedrooms, bathrooms and the laundry room.

Above Furniture: Additional shelving units, hooks and baskets are all great ways to add more space above furniture in your home. A shelf above a desk, a set of hooks above a vanity or hanging baskets above a bed can take away clutter from a room while adding a unique design aspect to your home.

These ideas are just a starting point, too. Use these unique storage spaces as a starting line for other places that can be utilized in your home. The possibilities are endless when you go that extra mile! And if you are thinking about relocating, think Lake Carolina. If you are looking for new homes for sale in Columbia, SC, be sure to explore all of the custom home styles and amenities of Lake Carolina.

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Change Up the Chores (And make Spring cleaning fun!)

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The thought of Spring cleaning can often be overwhelming and anything but fun. From organizing to cleaning, dusting to sorting, there are a lot of tedious tasks that can often add up pretty quickly! But we have some ideas to help you and your home feel refreshed and energized as the seasons change.

  • Pump up with playlists: A fun collection of songs that get the whole family dancing automatically makes vacuuming and dusting more enjoyable. Try and include songs that all family members can enjoy and sing along to.

  • Get vibrant with colorful cleaning supplies: Brightly colored buckets and sponges, patterned brooms and fun cleaning supply scents make all those tasks a little less tedious. Let your kids help you chose the supplies so that they can take pride in using tools of their own to help you get your house in tip-top shape!

  • Schedule breaks: The all-or-nothing mentality doesn’t go over too well when it comes to cleaning. Schedule the day with snack and lunch breaks that let you and the family recharge and relax for small increments. Keep delicious juices and fun beverages around the house while you clean to stay energized and hydrated, too!

  • Give rewards, incentives and prizes: This one is great for the kids and makes Spring cleaning more of a challenge. Set timers, create lists and offer prizes for whoever finishes first! Be creative to cater to what your children like and you know they will work hard for, and then treat the entire family to a night at the movies or dinner at a restaurant. This way, everyone is rewarded!

The sooner you get started on Spring cleaner, the more refreshed you will feel as the warmer months roll along. By making lists of the supplies you need, how you’re going to accomplish all of these tasks and when you want everything to be done by. Spring has sprung, so get going on that cleaning!

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See Exhibits and Demos at the Carolina Classic Home & Garden Show

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If you’re looking for a change of scenery around the house, you’re in luck. From March 13th to the 15th, the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina will be hosting the 49th annual Carolina Classic Home & Garden Show. Over 200 exhibitors will showcase products and services for home, home decoration, lawn, patio and garden.

Throughout the three-day event there will be free, educational seminars sponsored by McGuinn Homes & Remodeling Services Unlimited. Some of these seminars include ones such as Salad Gardens by Clemson Extension Master Gardeners and Building Your Dream Home on Your Lot presented by McGuinn Homes.

Beyond the seminars, most exhibits will be showcasing their newest products and giving away free prizes. This is a great opportunity to check out featured items that you might find a place for in your home.

Whether you are looking to redecorate the kitchen, refurbish the living room or perhaps add some variety to the flower garden, this is the best, local place to do so. Tickets for the event are $6 per person and can be purchased at the front gate. Kids under 14 are free every day and ages 62 and older are free on Friday, March 14.

For more information on this event, visit the event page of the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina. If you’re starting from scratch and looking for a custom home builder in Columbia, South Carolina, be sure to explore Lake Carolina for master planned communities.

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