Kelly Mill Holiday Shopping Extravaganza

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Thanks to our Sponsors and Vendors

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Lexann Pre-Thanksgiving Promotion

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Fuel Fitness Halloween Party

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Dan Morgan Won’t Wait; It’s Time to Lose the Weight!

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Dan Morgan, head coach of the Blythewood Bengals and a resident of Lake Carolina, is no stranger to hard work; everyday he pushes his team to succeed, better their fitness, and better themselves. He encourages his players to become ever stronger, ever faster. But as he was pushing his players to better themselves, Morgan realized that he wasn’t following his own advice. Coaching a leading football team in the heart of South Carolina left little to no time to exercise, leaving Morgan at a very unhealthy 320 pounds. “While I’m pushing my guys every single day to work out harder and take care of their bodies, I realize I’ve got to do something, too,” he says. “I’ve got to be a better role model for them.” Cue, a website that lets users pledge money to help others achieve their weight-loss goals.

 So here’s Morgan’s goal: lose 65 pounds in 150 days, while raising money for his team, the Blythewood Bengals. So far, he’s lost 44 pounds, and counting, all while raising an amazing $500 for his team. And with football season now in full swing, the Blythewood Bengals are currently 4-2.

 The story has inspired so many, including Men’s Health, where Morgan is being featured as number 13 on their “Everyday Heroes” list! Dan Morgan is on his way to a healthier, happier lifestyle, and he’s helping lead his team along the way. For the full Men’s Health article, click here.

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Her War, Her Voice!

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Wine and Food Festival Chef Spotlight: Samantha Warren

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Originally from New York, Samantha Warren made her way down south in the summer of 2012. Not long after her big move, she started her Master’s Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition from the University of South Carolina, where she is currently into her second year. In the fall of 2012, October to be exact, Warren joined Columbia’s Cooking, a school that focuses on making healthy eating taste great.
“Through hands-on classes and demonstration events,” Warren explains, “we try to make healthy cooking and eating accessible and fun for everybody.”

To get ready for the Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival on October 19th, where Ms. Warren will be demonstrating the joy of healthy cooking and eating, we wanted to give our attendees the opportunity to get to know, before the show, Ms. Samantha Warren:

What made you want to start teaching?
I am currently a graduate student in the Public Health Program at the University of South Carolina. The more I learned about the vast effects of diet on health the more I knew I wanted to teach people how to cook in a healthy way that is not only delicious but approachable.

Who is your biggest foodie inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is definitely my mom. Watching her in the kitchen was how I learned to cook, and her recipes and techniques are the ones I refer back to for inspiration or ideas.

Every chef has a signature dish. What would you say is yours?
The recipe I get the most requests to make is homemade pizza.

When did you start cooking?
I started cooking when I moved away from home to attend college and was not happy with what they were serving in the cafeteria.

Any advice for a cook that’s just starting to learn the ropes in the kitchen?
My biggest advice is that you just have to start! Find a recipe you think you might like and try it, you might make mistakes and that’s okay, hopefully it will still be edible!

One last question: how excited are you for the Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival?
We are so excited to be at the Wine and Food Festival on Saturday!

Join us October 19th at the Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival! For more details, visit our Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival Page.

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Wine and Food Festival Chef Spotlight: Danielle Wecksler

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A native Southerner, author Danielle Wecksler (Her cookbook, Taste of the Lowcountry, debuted in 2007) is no stranger to good, Southern Cooking. From helping her mother in the kitchen when she was just a youngster, to attending Tante Marie Cooking School, and Italy’s Apicus Professional Cooking School, two of the most prestigious cooking academies in the world, Wecksler’s cooking aspirations have taken her all over the map. But of everywhere Wecksler has cooked, the most important kitchen is located a lot closer to home: it’s, well, home. Today, you can find this brilliant foodie teaching the art of the Homemade to the masses at Charleston Cooks! In Charleston, South Carolina.

To get ready for the Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival on October 19th, where Ms. Wecksler will be dazzling us with a demonstration, we wanted to give our attendees the chance to get to know, before the show, Chef Danielle Wecksler:

You’re the author of Taste of the Lowcountry. What inspired you to take the lessons that you learned in the kitchen further, and write a cookbook?

Everyone kept asking us for the recipes for our most popular recipes. They also wanted something to take home from our store and classes as a memento of their experience. So it was a natural progression for us to publish the cookbook.

What are some of your favorite cookbooks to go back to again and again?

Even though I'm not a vegetarian, "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" by Deborah Madison is one of my all time favorite cookbooks. I also love Nathalie Dupree's latest "Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking". Whenever I need to reference something or need a great recipe, this is the book I go to.

Every chef has a signature dish. What would you say is yours?

That is so hard to choose since I love to cook and eat all different types of food! I would have to say that my homemade Fettucine with Grilled Vegetables is often requested in my house. But also my Caramel Frosted Pound Cake is pretty tasty too!

Who are your foodie heros?

My mom was definitely a huge inspiration for me in the kitchen. She cooked a lot of great meals at home for us. But we also had this Better Homes and Gardens cookbook in the kitchen, and she would let me pick any recipe in the book and make it. Most 10 year olds are not usually making lasagne and meringue cookies!

Any advice for aspiring home chefs?

Don't be afraid of the kitchen! You just have to get in there and experiment. I never have "failures" in the kitchen! Those are just lessons to help me cook better next time.

And for all of the Food Network fans out there, what Food Network personality would you say is your spirit animal?

I would have to say Giada [DiLaurentis]. I certainly don't look like her! But I do share her love of simple food done really well (the essence of Italian cuisine).

One last question: how excited are you for the Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival?

I'm so excited to be a part of the festival, can't wait!!!

Join us October 19th at the Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival! For more details, visit our Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival Page.

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Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival Silent Auction

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We're just 12 days away from the Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival, and we'e getting very excited. We're especially excited about this year's Silent Auction, because we've got some amazing prizes! If you're a football fan, you'll love that we're auctioning off a pair of tickets to watch the Panthers play the New England Patriots on November 18th. If you're an art fan, you'll be delighted to know that we're auctioning off a membership to the Columbia Museum of Art. Or, if you're just looking to get away for a night, we're giving away a one night's stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. These are just a few of the dozen things being auctioned off. And the very best part is: all proceeds made from the auction will be going to this year's festival charity, Children's Charities of the Midlands! 

For more information, visit our Lake Carolina Wine and Food Festival page!


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Wine & Food Festival

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Experience the Culinary Culture of the South at Lake Carolina’s 11th Annual Wine & Food Festival on Saturday, October 19 from 2pm – 5pm.  Savor a variety of food & wine samplings from several local restaurants, markets & wineries as you linger across the Village Green listening to live Jazz and watching your favorite Football game at the Tailgate Tent.  Live chef demonstrations from Let’s Cook Culinary Studio, Charleston Cooks, K Shavo Nutrition & Columbia’s Cooking will take place throughout the day.  A Silent Auction will conclude the event with an opportunity to bid on special items such as travel accommodations, food, art and even a trip to the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament!

Come taste, sip & savor with your friends & family at one of Northeast Columbia’s premier events, the Lake Carolina Wine & Food Festival!

Proceeds from the 2013 Wine & Food Festival benefit Children’s Charities of the Midlands, a non-profit corporation formed specifically to raise funds and contributions primarily for the betterment and improvement of the health, welfare and education of children and youth in the South Carolina community.  

Visit for tickets and information.


The Details:  $30 per ticket in advance, must be 21yrs. of age or older.  Includes parking, event entrance, wine tastings and food samplings.  $15 per child 12 years and under.

The Where:  Lake Carolina Village Green, 100 Lake Carolina Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29229

The When:  Saturday, October 19, 2013  2pm – 5pm

The How:  Buy Tickets at or at the Lake Carolina Sales Center. 

Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for Event Promotions, Giveaways and Festival Highlights.

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