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One of South Carolina's bravest got a big gift on Saturday
Jun 18, 2011

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By Logan Smith - bio | email

PONTIAC, SC (WIS) - One of South Carolina's bravest got a big gift Saturday.

Staff Sergeant Ronell Bradley moved into his new home that was bought and built entirely by volunteers.

It's not hard for Ronell Bradley's infectious laughter to rub off on you. Even after losing both legs and part of a hand in Iraq, the Army Staff Sergeant still loves to serve his community. "As a soldier, I was always motivated," he said. "I like to see things get done, and I like to help people accomplish the goals they have in life."

But Bradley's community is helping him this time by giving him a brand-new handicapped-accessible house. It's courtesy of Homes For Our Troops. "It's gonna provide me with more freedom of movement and independence," he said. "I won't have to wait on my family to do anything for me."

Built by an army of volunteers, the home has roll-under counters and automatic doors that are wide enough for a wheelchair. "If he wants to say goodnight to his kids, he can do it without having to get out of his chair, drag himself over and then get back in his chair," said CFO of Homes for Our Troops, Tom Benoit.

Benoit said it's a way to show thanks to soldiers who have already given up so much. "We feel they ought to be able to come home at night to a home that's theirs, that they don't have to pay a mortgage on," he said. "That's a very important part of what we do."

For Bradley, the gesture shows so much more. "It shows that there are truly people who care and are willing to help soldiers and veterans who sacrificed for their country," said Bradley. "It shows the true American spirit."

It's a feeling Staff Sergeant Bradley will take with him as he continues to help others. "God gave me a second chance to be on this earth, so now I'm gonna motivate other injured vets to be positive in life," he said.

Homes for Our Troops is funded entirely by donations. If you'd like to help, you can get more information by clicking here.

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