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Lake Carolina Development, Inc. is a private real estate development, marketing and management firm in Columbia, SC. Its parent company was established in 1980 as a workout firm for financial institutions with troubled real estate properties. Since then, Lake Carolina Development, Inc., evolved into a South Carolina residential new home developer with few peers.

Although we refer to ourselves as residential new home developers, we are in fact builders β€” not of homes β€” but of pre-planned communities where there is never a question of what the end product will be. Our vision is depicted for all to see before the first sale of a homesite is made in our masterplan, and turning our vision into reality is our chosen vocation, we pursue it relentlessly.

With its flagship communities including Park West in Charleston, Arysley in Charlotte, and Lake Carolina in Columbia, the development company quickly gained an industry pacesetter reputation for creating blue-ribbon, mixed-use family lifestyle communities of superior value, and for setting new standards in community lifestyle design, value-added features and market appeal. In fact, Lake Carolina Development is the acknowledged leader in the design and development of family-centered, self-contained, mixed-use planned development communities intended for all of life's stages. With the development of Ashland at Lake Carolina, which included a roadway bridge across protected wetlands and natural areas, Lake Carolina Development not only demonstrated its adeptness in dealing with regulatory agencies and environmental interest groups but also its duty to be good stewards of the land. Indeed, all of its communities perfectly profile the company's commitment to being good stewards of the land and its responsibilities to the people who reside there.