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Welcome the Season in Style with These Decorative Fall Tips

Chris Laskowski10/6/2015  |  Categories: Nature
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Leaves are falling in the City of Columbia and it’s finally the autumn season. Welcome the festivities by revamping your home with these decorative tips.

1. Pumpkins & Co. Fall isn’t fall without pumpkins. Set out an array of creatively decorated pumpkins, squash, and other foods in the cucurbitaceae family (try pronouncing that word five times). In addition to those creative carvings your kids make, set the scene with different types of squash or a few white pumpkins.

2. Create an Autumn Aroma

Candles are one of the best tools to create a seasonal ambiance in your home. Scents of freshly fallen leaves or warm pumpkin spice lattes can bring a cheap, simple and cozy element to any room of the house.

3. Leaves, Leaves, Leaves Though actual leaves might crumble, stock up on “realistic” fake leaves from your local craft store. Boarder your windows with a stylish string of leaves. Welcome in the new season with a leaf-wreath for your front door. For an extra fall touch, fill a decorative vase with a bouquet of leaves and use it as a centerpiece.

4. Switch up the Pillows

Something as simple as changing up the pillows on your couch can bring a festive mood to the room. If the colors don’t clash, toss a few autumn-toned pillows on your furniture and enjoy this comfy decor.  

5. Painted Mason Jars Painted mason jars can be great for storing kitchen utensils, make-up brushes and stray pencils or for holding miniature candles. If you’re looking to accent a room in your home with fall colors, paint or purchase orange, yellow, and red colored mason jars to set on counters and shelves. Not only are these decorative but they come in handy!

6. Kids Favorite: Framed Leaves

During the fall season, do your kids keep trying to bring leaves inside the house because they look “cool”? Save their favorite leaves and create a framed collage at the end of the season. This is a fun decoration to hang in their room for the rest of the year. Click HERE for creative ways to display a leaf collection.

To enjoy a gorgeous fall season every year, check out homes for sale in Columbia, SC.

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How to Stay Fit When Summer Ends

Chris Laskowski8/12/2015  |  Categories: Nature
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For many, August marks the beginning of a new chapter and the end of an era for summertime workouts. However, if you’re living in Columbia, a gym membership is not necessarily required to keep that fit and healthy lifestyle. This unique city is filled with plenty of outdoor recreation that will keep you moving even as the fall season rolls around.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

To experience nature at its finest, check out the various Columbia trails such as Peachtree Rock. This “rock heritage preserve” is home to gorgeous natural structures and approximately two miles of trail. If the outdoors are your thing, Congaree National Park is also a short 30 minutes away from Columbia. Cool autumn weather is the perfect time to take advantage of the park’s many attractions such as canoeing, kayaking and hiking.

Keep it moving! 

The city is also home to 55 tennis courts, multiple golf courses, and two adult softball teams that start up in the fall. Getting involved with sports can be a great workout and social activity (especially if you’re new to the neighborhood)!

Keep the kids active! 

While it may be a bit breezy for swimming in the coming months, Columbia’s 60 parks and fields will keep kids busy. Whether it be braving the monkey bars or organizing their own game of football, the city has more than enough space to keep kids staying active least until the winter.

Climb to the Top! 

If the outdoors aren’t your thing, try out a new method of fitness at Stronghold Gym. Aside from being a fitness center and offering sculpting and yoga classes, Stronghold is known for its extensive rock climbing gym. Climbers can take on “bouldering caves” and a climbing “tower” in true Spider-Man fashion.

If you’re looking to relocate, Lake Carolina Properties is the perfect way to begin your search of homes for sale in Columbia, SC

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