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Change Up the Chores (And make Spring cleaning fun!)

Chris Laskowski3/11/2015  |  Categories: Nature
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The thought of Spring cleaning can often be overwhelming and anything but fun. From organizing to cleaning, dusting to sorting, there are a lot of tedious tasks that can often add up pretty quickly! But we have some ideas to help you and your home feel refreshed and energized as the seasons change.

  • Pump up with playlists: A fun collection of songs that get the whole family dancing automatically makes vacuuming and dusting more enjoyable. Try and include songs that all family members can enjoy and sing along to.

  • Get vibrant with colorful cleaning supplies: Brightly colored buckets and sponges, patterned brooms and fun cleaning supply scents make all those tasks a little less tedious. Let your kids help you chose the supplies so that they can take pride in using tools of their own to help you get your house in tip-top shape!

  • Schedule breaks: The all-or-nothing mentality doesn’t go over too well when it comes to cleaning. Schedule the day with snack and lunch breaks that let you and the family recharge and relax for small increments. Keep delicious juices and fun beverages around the house while you clean to stay energized and hydrated, too!

  • Give rewards, incentives and prizes: This one is great for the kids and makes Spring cleaning more of a challenge. Set timers, create lists and offer prizes for whoever finishes first! Be creative to cater to what your children like and you know they will work hard for, and then treat the entire family to a night at the movies or dinner at a restaurant. This way, everyone is rewarded!

The sooner you get started on Spring cleaner, the more refreshed you will feel as the warmer months roll along. By making lists of the supplies you need, how you’re going to accomplish all of these tasks and when you want everything to be done by. Spring has sprung, so get going on that cleaning!

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All the Water We Have

Chris Laskowski7/29/2014  |  Categories: Nature
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All the Water We Have

Imagine waking up one morning and having the first thought pass through your mind be whether or not you have enough water to bath with that day. Imagine if you can, a life where you have to ration out sips of water no matter how swollen your tongue may be from dehydration and thirst. For a third time, Imagine within that same world, having to look at your family and explain to them why there isn’t enough food in the house, or how unprecedented drought has created a shortage of quality food. It’s a bleak future to think about, but a reality we will one day have to face if we don’t start thinking about what we do with our water. A reality that even a coastal region like South Carolina can suffer according to the U.S. Draught Monitor (

Although Columbia may be unaffected at the moment, some surrounding areas in South Carolina have not been so lucky. Although the effects were mild in nature, they should be enough to cause concern and motivate action in reducing the amount of water we use. If these issues are left to worsen, the CDC lists issues such as disease, lack of quality foods, lack of air quality and economic turmoil could ensue ( ). If your home is your castle, then think of your community as your kingdom. You have the power to protect it through conservation.

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