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Lake Carolina, a Community Impacted by Military Influence

Chris Laskowski7/29/2015  |  Categories: Columbia; Community
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Being built in a city with a rich tradition of military history, Lake Carolina is heavily impacted by the bases in the surrounding area, Fort Jackson Army Base and Shaw Air Force Base. These historical places have aided in the creation of the city-wide atmosphere of Columbia, South Carolina. The impact, that these bases have had on our country and the individuals in it, has created a strong economic value in the area, and has caused many veterans to relocate here for retirement. It is pretty clear, when looking at Columbia from afar, that the strong military influence has shaped the city into what it is today. Let’s learn more about the nearest military facilities, Fort Jackson and Shaw Air Base.

Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson is the United States Army’s main center for Basic Combat Training, and they train 50 percent of the soldiers that go through the Army’s basic training system. The mission of Fort Jackson is to provide the Army with trained, disciplined, and motivated individuals that demonstrate teamwork and the Army’s core values. To do this, they must train more than 42,000 soldiers annually. Fort Jackson is also home to the U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute, the Armed Forces Army Chaplaincy Center, the National Center for Credibility Assessment, and the Army’s drill sergeant school. The Fort Jackson community is made up of soldiers, civilians, retirees and family members, with more than 3,500 active duty Soldiers and their family members making this area their home. Fort Jackson also places high priority on caring for their retired soldiers, for this reason,  they employ nearly 3,500 civilians to provide services for more than 46,000 retirees and their family members. Since 1917, when soldiers were needed for World War I, Fort Jackson has had a proud history of supporting our Army. That tradition is the same today, as the fort willingly accepts new challenges, and is ready to accept additional missions that will support the nation’s defense.

Shaw Air Force Base

The mission of Shaw Air Force Base is to provide, project and sustain combat-ready air forces. The 20th Fighter Wing, the largest combat F-16 wing, calls Shaw Air Base their home. The Ninth Air Force and U.S. Central Command Air Forces are also located here, and their mission is to project decisive air and space power for U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) and America. Shaw Air Base is home to more than 5,400 Air Force active members, 11,000 family members, and 600 civilians. They offer a wide array of programs for its members, including an Airman and Family Readiness Center for various services, Force Support services, Retiree Activities, and Public Affairs.

For more information on Fort Jackson and Shaw Air Force Base visit the following sites:
Thinking about moving to Lake Carolina? Check out our list of new homes near Fort Jackson and Shaw Air Force base.

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Fort Jackson Community Events

Chris Laskowski7/22/2015  |  Categories: Community; Events
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Living near Fort Jackson can prove itself a special privilege, as it connects you with your neighbors in the Columbia community. Fort Jackson is constantly striving to create a sense of unity within the area, and establishes events to help carry this out. These events range from weekly fitness classes, to meetings that help children get involved in the community. Fort Jackson also holds several special events each month, to help gather interest of the nearby public. Below is a list of a few weekly events that Fort Jackson holds, as well as some of the special events that are coming in the near future.

Weekly Fitness Classes
Fort Jackson is very concerned with the well-being and health of those within their community, and have created several weekly classes that are open for people to experience and utilize. They have weekly classes from Monday-Saturday. These fitness classes include but are not limited to: Circuit Training (Monday), Zumba classes (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday), Gym-Step Fitness classes (Tuesday and Wednesday), Cardiobox (Thursday), Insanity classes (Thursday), Soul Cycle Spin classes (Friday), Yoga classes (Saturday), and Walk-it-out Speed Walking classes (Saturday). For more information on these classes, prices, contact information, and locations, see the Fort Jackson community calendar (link provided at the bottom of this article).

Weekly Events for Children
Fort Jackson also places high priority on making a good impression on the children in the nearby area. It is clear, in Fort Jackson’s approach, that they believe today’s youth is tomorrow's future. They have set up several activities for children to learn and play together on a weekly basis. Each Tuesday, children ages 2-5 have an opportunity for story time at the library, where they get to hear stories, sing songs, and enjoy a small activity. On Wednesdays, the Bright Honeybee Explorers playgroup meets. This group is open to active duty, retired service personnel, and qualified family members. Bright Honeybee Explorers playgroup is a group designed to help children improve their social, cognitive and motor skills. This group is for parents with newborns to 3 years old children. For ages up to 12, every Thursday is a Musical Movie Thursday. This group meets from 3:30 to 5:30, and they are shown either a “G” or “PG” rated movie. Also on Thursdays, at the library, newborns through 5-year-olds are encouraged to take advantage of the Evening Story-time, where they can come to hear stories and sing songs.

Upcoming Special Events
On Thursday July 23rd, Fort Jackson will be hosting a Budgeting, Banking, and Checkbook maintenance class. This class will explore many of the services and products offered at most banks and credit unions. It will cover areas from selecting a checking account to balancing your checkbook, and everything in between. If you have an interest in learning about these topics, this class is for you. On Friday July 24th, The Fort Jackson Army Community Service will host a Drop-In to celebrate the 50th birthday of Army Community Service. Everyone from the Fort Jackson community area is encouraged to attend this drop-in. Also on the 24th, there will be a bowling outing at Century Lanes Bowling Center for families enrolled in the EFMP program. Make sure to RSVP if planning to attend the bowling outing.

There will be an Auto Craft Car and Bike Show open to the public on Saturday, July 25th. This event is free, and will be held at Patriots Park. Please make sure to register your vehicle, if you plan to show it off.

On Saturday August 1st, there will be a Fort Jackson boxing tournament. This tournament is free admission. If you, or someone you know, is interested in boxing contact Mike Garcia @ 803-751-3486.

For more information on these events and more, visit the Fort Jackson calendar at

Thinking about moving to Lake Carolina? Check out our list of new homes near Fort Jackson and Shaw Air Force base.

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