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Make a Splash at the Polar Bear Plunge!

Chris Laskowski1/6/2015  |  Categories: Community
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This will be the 11th year that Lake Carolina hosts the Polar Bear Plunge, a chilly charity event that raises money for Children’s Charity of the Midlands. A $10 donation is required in order to participate, and residents are more than welcome to make the splash with teams of family, friends and coworkers. The event starts at 10am at Sunset Park on January 10th, with lots more than just cold water waiting for them. Music, prizes, pizza, donuts, coffee and hot cocoa are all a part of the fun.

The plunge will also have fun contest categories for participants to get excited about. Best individual, best team, youngest and oldest polar bear are just a few of the divisions that you can get creative with. Even with the super low temperature of both the water and the air, it’s for a good cause, and worth taking a dip.

All of the money raised goes to Children’s Charities of the Midlands, a 501(c)3 organization that strives to improve the health, welfare and education for South Carolina’s youth. Residents of all ages are invited to participate, as long as they feel their swimming skills are strong enough. In the past, participants have ranged in age from 5 to 78 years old, making it a great way to get together with others in Lake Carolina and start off the New Year.

$2500 has already been collected this year by Lake Carolina resident Gary Matthews' team, The Chippenwhales. “We love the community we live in and certainly feel blessed to have landed here,” said Matthews. “It warms our hearts to combine bringing people together to have some fun and helping out the less fortunate children of our area. We hope the word spreads and similar events pop up across the area. Overall, I have seen that people in general are very charitable.”

Matthews holds a brunch before the plunge so that family and friends can get prepared and in a festive spirit to face the chilly water. It also serves as a great opportunity to raise more money for Children’s Charities of the Midlands.

Lake Carolina looks forward to the event and invites residents and friends to join the fun on Saturday morning. Enjoy a day of raising money for charity and starting your new year off with a splash!

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Lake Carolina Elementary; Early Education has found a New Home

Chris Laskowski9/3/2014  |  Categories: Community
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As summer draws to an end, the familiar routine of buying school supplies, checking school calendars, and early morning rushes begins. As teams of tiny bodies armed with bags full of books, pencils, and other various supplies amass upon the campus of Lake Carolina Elementary each morning, yawning and slowly making their march off of busses and through the doors, many parents ask, is this the right place for my child? Lake Carolina Elementary assures that each child explores their intellectual curiosity by offering unique activities that prepare children for the next stages of learning in an environment that helps foster their creativity and wonder.

Students of Lake Carolina Elementary are exposed to a lot more than the average American student due to unique programs such as their “1 Two 1” program, which is a computing initiative aimed at offering students the ability to utilize technology to expand their educational resources. Other programs that the school offers includes fitness, guidance, reading, recycling and even something called HET/ITI (Highly Effective Teaching (HET) / Integrated Thematic Instruction (ITI)). Theses programs offer students the ability to keep up with the latest teaching methods that will help them develop social learning through social methods as well as through movement of body. There is no doubt that Lake Carolina Elementary is perhaps one of the most progressive schools in terms of their teaching styles and initiatives. The test scores definitely speak for themselves.

According to School Digger®, “In 2014, Lake Carolina Elementary ranked better than 97.9% of elementary schools in South Carolina. It also ranked 2nd among 21 ranked elementary schools in the Richland 02 School District.” The school is making such great strides in terms of staying current on educational methods and preparing their students for the various wonders of life.

They say it takes a village to raise a child; if that is the case, then Lake Carolina should be the village you choose. The families in Lake Carolina definitely help cultivate an excellent social environment outside of school and the teachers there are true professionals at what they do. It is due to the efforts of the staff at Lake Carolina Elementary that Lake Carolina as a community will assuredly have future citizens that embody the character, strength, and prestige that the families within the beautiful housing community represent.

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