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Change Up Your Weekend with the Columbia City Ballet

Chris Laskowski1/13/2015  |  Categories: Columbia
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With so many different ways to explore Lake Carolina and the surrounding areas, you might not realize all of the different events, programming and activities it has to offer. The Columbia City Ballet is a hub of southern charm, sophistication and elegance that brings together the art and love of dance. It is both a place for entertaining audiences and high-end training for dancers.

Founded in 1961, it is proud of it’s ballet that not only travels around the country to perform, but that also stays local to wow audiences from all over. Throughout the year, they are known for dazzling performances at least 18 times a year at their home, the Koger Center, in Columbia. They have a long record of excellence, with dozens of shows under their belt such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet.

Their next production will be ‘Off the Wall & Onto the Stage: Dancing the Art of Jonathan Green,’ on January 31st. The Columbia City Ballet also offers educational outreach programs for schools, special events that include shows and wine tastings and exceptional tours from their ballet program that can be seen in several cities and states.

For something unique and different to do, the Columbia City Ballet has something for every member of the family, offering a family-friendly environment with a southeastern, hometown feel. You can purchase tickets online or at the box office. For the entire schedule of shows that the Columbia City Ballet will be offering into 2015, click here.

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History through the Hills, Columbia SC’s rich History

Chris Laskowski9/11/2014  |  Categories: Columbia
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The hills of Columbia hold secrets, stories and memories of a rich history. As the sun bids the citizens of Columbia farewell for the night and hides behind the hills, they glow a little more brightly than anywhere else. They afterall have witnessed both triumphs and downfalls, joy and sorrow, but through it all, they have remained vigilant over the citizenry, growing ever prouder each day. The land may have had it’s first encounter by the Spanish, but it was the proud Americans that fought for it, nurtured it and cultivated both it’s soil and people into the robust citizenry that exist today.

Columbia’s Start

The state which we now know as South Carolina, was first inhabited by the Congaree Native Americans and was first discovered by Hernando De Soto. Just like today, Columbia’s geographically desirable location became the primary reason why American settlers chose to settle in. It wasn’t until 1786 that State Senator John Lewis Gervais proposed the bill that would make Columbia the official State Capital.

Palmetto and the Revolution

The citizens of Columbia are lucky enough to enjoy the sight of palmetto trees throughout the state, but few realize the importance they played in the American Revolution. If not for the spongy wood provided by the palmetto trees and used to build Fort Moultrie, Charleston, South Carolina would have been overrun by the British Navy. Instead, the proud American fort stood through the onslaught of the cannons that barraged it’s walls. The British suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of William Moultrie, who commanded a mere 400 troops. It was this battle that helped motivate American troops and eventually win independence for America.

Columbia, a place to grow

Columbia’s success is the the result of many years of hard work and planning. Just like Rome, Columbia is not the result of a day’s labor. Both the state and city have a long and proud history of nurturing it’s citizens and making sure that the the strong and proud natives offer their city all they can. As a matter of fact, the University of South Carolina, which was first known as South Carolina College at it’s founding in 1801, has historically made moves in the right direction. This proud building has survived the American Revolution, earthquakes, fires, and went on to be the first southern state to have African Americans on it’s board of trustees as well as give degrees to African Americans. The University is a great representation of Columbia as it is always on the forefront in terms of social and educational evolution. Columbia is definitely a place that is meant for growth in all the right directions.

So the hills lay silent, forever observers of the majesty that is Columbia. There are some among the citizens of Columbia that would claim that the land influences and shapes them. There are those that would claim that the beauty of it’s hills give them power to inspire, dream and prosper. The hills however have a different story. If you were to ask them, they would simply tell you that it is the citizenry of Columbia that capture the very best of the human spirit and inspire them to prevail, if for anything else, than to know what new achievements lay in the future of Columbia.

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